Nomination Process

The Restaurant Hall of Fame Committee, and the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA), has made certain that the voting process is very transparent. The first year, 2005, sixty prominent industry veterans voted in the inductees for the year. By 2007, 75 members of the industry were on the voting committee. In 2008, 80 members of the industry, including 27 past BC Restaurant Hall of Fame Inductees are on the committee. The voting committee, an amazing group of hospitality professionals, adds further prominence to being inducted, as respected peers vote on individuals in each category. The voting is done electronically, confidentially, and anonymously with an online voting process designed and supported by Tugboat Group.

Who Votes?

  • Total of 75 Industry Leaders on the BCRHOF Voting Committee, including 27 past BC Restaurant Hall of Fame Inductees
    • 35 Active Restaurateurs
    • 16 Industry Members (Chefs, Managers, etc)
    • 10 Suppliers
    • 14 Media
  • All individuals were personally contacted by Chairman and to be part of the final voting process, they must have accepted invitation. These individuals remain on the voting committee year to year, including a year they may have been nominated for the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

Voting Categories

  • Active Restaurateurs
  • Industry - Front of House
  • Industry - Back of House
  • Friend of the Industry (media, suppliers etc.)
  • Builder (suppliers, administrators or entrepreneurs)
  • The Coffee & Beverage Award
  • We ❤ Local